Nvidia Takeover of ARM Has Industry Up in Arms

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Nvidia Takeover of ARM Has Industry Up in Arms

The planned takeover of ARM by Nvidia is currently being examined internationally by antitrust authorities. Now several US tech companies have filed complaints. Criticism of Nvidia’s planned takeover of the British chip designer ARM is gaining significant supporters. Google, Microsoft and Qualcomm, among others, fear the deal would threaten competition in their industry, Bloomberg reports.

The companies have allegedly complained to the U.S. antitrust authorities which is currently reviewing the takeover. In addition to the U.S., the competition authorities in the European Union, China and Great Britain must also give their approval. The previous owner Softbank and Nvidia announced the deal worth around 40 billion dollars in September.
Huawei and other Chinese companies had also already filed a complaint with the Chinese antitrust authority, fearing they would be cut off from ARM technology. One of ARM’s co-founders had called the acquisition a “disaster for Cambridge, the UK and Europe.” The antitrust authorities in the U.S., the EU and China still have several months to decide on the deal.

Author: Tim Cole
Image Credit: Nvidia

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