Nuraphone a Headphone that adapts to the Listener

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Nuraphone a Headphone that adapts to the Listener

The hearing experience of each person is different. But conventional headphones deliver the same sound to every listener. Nuraphone – a group of music-loving scientists, engineers, and creatives based in Melbourne, Australia – has a different approach: at the core of their innovative product is a self-learning engine that automatically measures the hearing of the wearer by monitoring otoacoustic emissions. There is no need to take a “can you hear this?” test.

Nuraphones use this information to adapt the sound of the headphones to perfectly match the wearer’s hearing and bring music into sharp focus. The setup takes only about a minute with the use of a companion app that is available for iOS and Android. Up to three personalized profiles are stored on the headset, delivering perfect sound from different sources like smartphones, computers, home stereos, or airplane seats. The headphones can be bought at a price of €399 from

Author: Rainer Claaßen
Image Credit: Nuraphone


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