Monitoring Technology: Corrections Agencies, Governments to Investigate IoT

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Monitoring Technology: Corrections Agencies, Governments to Investigate IoT

In reaction to the rapid spread of Convid-19 among inmates, corrections departments around the world are turning to IoT solutions for help. Internet of Things-based ankle device and a secure smartphone to designed for quarantine and virus containment. SuperCom, a global provider of secure solutions for the e-Government, Public Safety, HealthCare, monitoring technology, and Finance sectors, has previewed a smart ankle device and a secure smartphone designed for quarantine and virus containment.

Reports indicate prisons and jails throughout the world have been implementing urgent measures to minimize the impact of COVID-19 among their staff and prison populations[1]. In some cases, specific prisoner populations such as those more vulnerable to COVID-19 are temporarily or permanently released. Modern electronic monitoring technology, such as the Pure Security Suite provided by SuperCom, offers government agencies and correctional facilities the option to move prisoners outside physical walled facilities to a residential-based virtual incarceration. This is sometimes referred to as “house arrest” or “electronic monitoring”. Prisons and jails present unique challenges to following general COVID-19 mitigation guidance[2]. Social distancing and sanitization efforts are not easily accomplished due to the inherent nature of incarceration models practiced around the globe, and house arrest and electronic monitoring can be helpful tools as part of these COVID-19 mitigation efforts.
Reports show there are currently an estimated 2.3 million incarcerated Americans[3], with over 550,000 of them not yet convicted or sentenced and an estimated 450,000 of them considered “non-violent drug offenders.”

Estimates show there are over 10 million incarcerated people around the world, some of whom have not yet been sentenced or are non-violent offenders, but who unfortunately have a limited ability to follow the necessary guidelines to protect themselves from the Coronavirus. With electronic monitoring technology and services, we can help governments help some of these people,

commented Arie Trabelsi, President and CEO of SuperCom.

Our personnel is able to work with government users to create and follow specific guidelines and rules regarding prisoner release terms. We can augment existing correctional staff to monitor compliance and communicate with the offender and supervising agency.

We continue to receive inquiries concerning our people monitoring technology. For government agencies looking to restrict the spread of COVID-19 among their general population as a healthcare solution and for correctional facilities looking to reduce COVID-19 vulnerable inmate headcount while maintaining public safety,

continued Mr. Trabelsi.

While we started helping with COVID-19 related releases in the United States, given our global presence and breadth of inquiries for similar services, we are ready to expand our help to governments and individuals in other countries as well.

SuperCom’s Pure Security Suite is a best-of-breed electronic monitoring and tracking platform containing innovative features, including smart phone integration, secure communication, advanced security, anti-tamper mechanisms, fingerprint biometrics, voice communication and extended battery life.

Author: Tim Cole
Image Credit: SuperCom

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