Mirai Botnet Targets Business IoT Devices

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Mirai Botnet Targets Business IoT Devices

Researchers from IBM X-Force have found variants of the infamous IoT botnet Mirai are increasingly targeting enterprise or Business IoT Devices.
In a report entitled “The weaponization of IoT devices – Rise of the thingbots”, the authors state that threat actors use botnets—networks of infected computers—for various cybercriminal purposes, most significantly distributed denial of service attacks against predefined targets.

Mirai Botnet Targets Business IoT Devices

Source: IBM X-Force

The IBM X-Force team has been tracking the threat from weaponized IoT devices—thingbots— for years. Since the proliferation of IoT devices will almost certainly continue and accelerate substantially—they are expected to account for more than two-thirds of the 34 billion internet-connected devices projected by 20201—they believe it will be vital for organizations and consumers to implement Business IoT Devices security best practices.
In a blog post, IBM researchers wrote:

Historically, simpler internet of things devices such as routers and CCTV cameras were most affected, but recent IBM X-Force data indicates that threat actors are increasingly targeting enterprise devices. The attack landscape has been saturated with attacks against IoT devices since the Mirai botnet was discovered back in 2016.

Beyond the ability to steal information or disrupt operations, botnets are being increasingly used to mine cryptocurrencies. In March, IBM X-Force found a Mirai-like botnet aimed at enterprise IoT devices that were seen dropping cryptocurrency miners and backdoors onto affected devices.

Botnets have evolved from networks of compromised PCs to networks of comprised IoT devices capable of launching massive DDoS attacks,

the authors write.

Author: Tim Cole
Image Credit: IBM X-Force


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