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German School System

German education market unready for digital transformation

The German school system is un able to prepare students for the digital age, says the Association of German Engineers (VDI) after surveyed 1,000 professionals on the subject of digital transformation. Only 6.6 percent of respondents that the Internet has fully arrived in schools around the country. Ralph Appel, the director of VDI, called for an annual investment of at least €2b to equip faculties and schools for organizing digital literacy. Use of technology by German teachers is lower than anywhere else in Europe, Appel stated.

Economic Growth

Internet economy is booming

Internet services in Germany have grown rapidly as ecommerce and online retail sales have become a driving forces in economic growth. The German federal government expects the overall economy to grow by a paltry 1.5 percent in 2017. By contrast, the German Internet economy is forecast to expand by an whopping 12 percent a year and poised to overtake such traditional sectors as mechanical engineering or the automotive industry by 2028, according to the study „The German Internet Economy 2015 – 2019“ that recently released by eco, the German internet association, together with Arthur D. Little, a consulting firm.

Bavaria Munich

Google Developers get room to grow

News Google in Munich Capitol Bavaria
Google recenhtly opened its new development center with high-tech offices near Munich‘s downtown area. The 11,000 sqm location can house twice as many employees as before. Resident in Munich since 2006. the search company has 400 employees in the Bavarian capital and desperately needed the extra space. „The old location in downtown was just too small. In our new office we can now grow up to 800 employees, „says Dr. Wieland Holfelder, head of development for Google Germany. „As one of the international IT strongholds, the Munich offers excellent universities, modern infrastructure, an active developer and startup scene and a wonderful quality of life”, he believes.

Smartphone Market

On the Smartphone Market the Squeeze Is On

Earnings reports for the first quarter show that the decade-long party may be over for smartphone manifacturers. Samsung Electronics, the world’s biggest producer y shipments, reported strong mobile-profit gains but results were squewed by the company’s advancing the release date for its new flagship model. ithout the extra revenue, numbers would have effectively been down. Rival LG Electronics reported a third straight quarterly loss for its mobile division. And even Apple‘s quarterly earnings are down, its first decline in 13 years. According Strategy Analytics, a research firm, the global smartphone business is shrinking or the first time in history due to saturation in developed economies and rising competition in emerging markets such as India, Indonesia and Latin America. Weaker layers are being squezed out and profit margins are in decline remain.


Cloud Services vs. corporate IT

News _ Cloud - Andreas Weiss

Bright future Andreas Weiss of EuroCloud is upbeat about the market for cloud -based services

„The era of classic corporate IT, in which the servers and applications in your company are to be operated and developed, coming to an end“, Andreas Weiss, director of EuroCloud, an industry association, believes. Classic corporate IT infrastructure will no longer be to handle the anticipated huge amount of data from millions of sources such as sensors, omni-channel communications and system control in real time without moving to the cloud. Faced with this fundamental paradigm change, corporate IT managers must focus primarily on coordinating their cloud services, in effect turning them from Chief Information Officers (CIOs) into „Cloud Conductors“.

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