Major LoRaWAN Network Deployment Milestones from Senet and SenRa

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Major LoRaWAN Network Deployment Milestones from Senet and SenRa

IoT software and service provider Senet, Inc. and PAN India LoRaWAN network service provider SenRa announced several milestones in their partnership to design, deploy and manage scalable LoRaWAN networks globally. The companies started their cooperation in 2017, when SenRa chose Senet’s cloud-based Managed Network Services for IoT to launch its LoRaWAN network rollout throughout India.

Major LoRaWAN Network Deployment Milestones from Senet and SenRa

Image: Senra

Since then, SenRa has expanded its network operation to 74 cities across the country. SenRa’s most recent deployments include over 10,000 water meters connected at Pimpri-Chinchwad Smart City and more than 8,000 residential and commercial gas meters in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Ludhiana.Currently, SenRa works on deploying LoRaWAN networks in the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Africa, including in Kuwait, Oman, Singapore, and Somalia, among other locations. Both companies are collaborating to fulfill end user requirements for carrier-grade LoRaWAN network services, certified devices and application adoption through collaborative device testing, partner ecosystem development and co-marketing initiatives.

While some network operators have struggled with the complexities of building and managing an IoT network from the ground up, SenRa has gained a significant competitive advantage by partnering with Senet to establish and expand our business,

said Ali Hosseini, CEO of SenRa.

The rich feature set of Senet’s managed networks services platform deliver all of the tools necessary to design, deploy and maintain our network infrastructure, onboard and support a growing number of customers at scale, and ensure the delivery of carrier-grade LoRaWAN connectivity across markets.

Through a cloud-based architecture and by using a disciplined planned release process, Senet has implemented more than 45 major network server platform updates over the past 52 months, while consistently maintaining carrier-grade uptime. This results in continuously adding functionality to support the needs of network operator, RAN partner and solution provider customers using the network as a critical ingredient of their end-to-end services. Senet’s commitment to delivering market leading connectivity platforms allows network operators to offer carrier-grade SLA-backed services on an accelerated schedule to meet early demand, drive competitive prices through operating efficiencies and rapidly scale beyond their original footprint.

We are extremely pleased to see the growth SenRa is experiencing across India and globally,

said Bruce Chatterley, CEO of Senet.

This success is a reflection of the reliability, predictability of performance, versatility of business models and the efficiencies in network expansion that a growing number of LoRaWAN network operators, RAN partners, and applications service providers have come to expect from Senet’s network connectivity platforms.

Author: Rainer Claaßen
Image Credit: Senet


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