Longview IoT Adds LoRa Solution

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Longview IoT Adds LoRa Solution

Longview IoT, a Carnegie Technologies company, has introduced an enhanced version of their Longview IoT LoRa gateway covering both the 800 MHz and 900 MHz frequencies for worldwide coverage. The LoRa solution is specifically designed for indoor use and includes a wide range of new sensors to support a growing number of enterprise IoT use cases.

The Longview IoT Solution is the only complete, end-to-end IoT solution engineered specifically for enterprise scalability, security, reliability and performance,

said Brad Bush, managing director, Longview IoT.

These additions to our product portfolio build on Longview IoT’s mission of making IoT easy, accessible and secure for all enterprises worldwide.

The Longview IoT Gateway creates LoRaWAN connectivity for sensors and other IoT components. Therefore the company has its Longview IoT MicroGateway, which is an affordable indoor LoRaWAN gateway that quickly creates a high-speed 900 MHz LoRaWAN IoT network. With its small form factor and flexible power and connectivity options, the MicroGateway is an addition to office, residential, factory or warehouse environments.
A range of new Longview IoT Sensors includes two new push button sensors, a temperature and humidity sensor, a leak sensor, a fill sensor, a motor sensor and an air-quality sensor. This products allows Longview IoT to support a broad range of IoT use cases across vertical markets, which range from asset tracking to site and equipment monitoring to safety applications.
The Longview IoT solution builds on top of the LoRa protocol. It extends its capabilities with technologies such as Longview IoT’s patented Super-B protocol. This protocol allows for more scalable networks and over-the-air upgrades, meshed gateways that drive lower operations costs and hybrid GPS for better location with less battery usage.

Author: Tim Cole
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