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Lifx: Smart Light Sustainable

The LIFX A60 LED light can transform living areas with vibrant colors and automation – Smart Light Sustainable. Users can set moods for movie nights or dinner parties, taking homes from bold colors to cool pastels at the tap of a button.

The connected home device allows users to create on/off schedules that automate lighting to suit various situations. Bulbs can be connected to Google Home, Apple HomeKit, or Amazon Alexa and then controlled by voice control.

Unlike competitor products, the A60 doesn’t require an external hub – it can be used without integration into an ecosystem. To get started with the smart bulb, it is simply connected to an existing Wi-Fi. The LIFX A60 LED light delivers over 1,100 lumens from 11 watts – that is sufficient to light an entire room, while using less energy than a standard (Smart Light Sustainable).

Author: Rainer Claassen
Image Credit: LIFX


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