Lifestyle-IoT: Look in the Smart Mirror

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Lifestyle-IoT: Look in the Smart Mirror

Lifestyle-IoT: Philips now comes to the only room the company has not entered so far with its product line of smart lights by the name of Hue. The new Hue Adore range was designed especially for use in bathrooms. Signify – the new brand for Philips lighting – launched the new collection in Europe and the United States this summer.

The Hue Adore range consists of a mirror light, a single spotlight, a double spotlight, a triple spotlight, a ceiling triple spotlight, a ceiling panel, and a lighted vanity mirror. The whole range is splash-proof and is certified for use in bathrooms in Europe and North America. Pricing for the collection ranges from €80 to €250. The light color as well as the brightness of all products can be controlled through a dimmer switch or the Hue app

: Image Credit: Philips


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