Lenovo Launches IoT Solutions for safer Workplaces During COVID-19

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Lenovo Launches IoT Solutions for safer Workplaces During COVID-19

Lenovo announced IoT solutions intended to help businesses returning to work after the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. The company assembled an ecosystem of end-to-end IoT solutions that are validated, deployed, and managed globally in a set of turnkey offerings. This is especially interesting for large businesses with distributed locations. These are the first solutions from Lenovo’s Commercial Internet of Things Business Group, established in 2019 aimed at driving the company’s service-led transformation.
Lenovo provides a single point of accountability for customers across their Back to Work solutions. Each solution is tested through a validation process that includes up to 140 steps covering security, serviceability, scalability, and reliability. A field network of more than 20,000 technicians handles the deployment for all the solutions with minimal site disruption.
In a recent Lenovo survey in the US, 58% of respondents said their job shifted to remote work in response to Covid-19, and 88% say it’s important for their companies to deploy technology-based safety measures within their workplaces before they go back to work. A three-step framework with technology at its core can help make spaces safer and also accelerate business transformation for the long term.

  • Controlling who gets into the location
  • Managing behaviors within the space
  • Preparing to respond to incidents

Lenovos solution supports this three-step framework with a set of end-to-end, pre-tested and validated IoT devices. Among the partners engaged in the solution are CXApp, Inpixon, L Squared, Openpath, Relogix, and Viper Imaging. The systems include:

  • Touchless Building Access: Modern access control that allows touchless access, phone-based authentication, easy cloud management, and integrations with legacy access control systems and IoT solutions. (Openpath)
  • Elevated Temperature Screening: Thermal screening solutions using U.S. Food and Drug Administration cleared thermal cameras to identify elevated body temperature in individuals as they go through access points. (Viper Imaging)
  • Digital Signage and Policy Communication: Integrated digital communication and content management solution to effectively communicate policies and information to your workforce. (L Squared)
  • Safe Workspace Monitoring: Office occupancy monitoring solution with granularity to a seat level to comply with social distancing protocols and identify workspace utilization for target cleaning. (Relogix)
  • On-Premise Contact Tracing: Employee and visitor tracing using existing Wi-Fi network to monitor workspace zone health and enable a focused response in the event of an incident. (Inpixon)

Customers can choose what’s most important to them and mix and match solutions based on desired outcomes. Lenovo serves as the one-stop shop for deploying and managing these Back to Work Solutions.

For the past decade IoT solutions have promised great results but haven’t delivered,

said John Gordon, Lenovo’s President, Commercial Internet of Things.

Our purpose is simple – to overcome the logistical challenges of IoT systems to make them practical at scale. As the #1 PC maker, Lenovo is in the unique position to understand what it takes to manage electronic components spread around the world. We build on our global strength in services and supply chain and layer on industry-first IoT management software and a proven partner ecosystem to help customers finally get the value they’ve always wanted from IoT, quickly, and hassle free.

ThinkIoT Back to Work Solutions are available immediately in select regions through Lenovo’s sales channels.

Author: Rainer Claaßen
Image Credit: Openpath

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