Law: Lawyers worry about self driving cars

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Law: Lawyers worry about self driving cars

In the case of an accident, who’s the legally responsible ‘driver’ in a driver-less car or self driving cars? This question is increasingly being asked by legal professionals and regulators following a series of accidents involving self-driving Tesla models over the past few months.
 Stanford scholar Sudha Jamthe
Stanford scholar Sudha Jamthe, author of „IOT Disruptions“, believes that the present lack of regulation could become a serious impediment to the success of autonomous vehicles.

“Regulation should not be about delaying getting the car alone on the road but understanding how the car is being trained and set regulations to make sure it is safe for our roads for consumer traffic”

she said in a recent interview. Similar efforts are needed, she feels in healthcare, where many companies are pushing the boundary of health data bordering on privacy, so HIPPA compliance may need to be reexamined and expanded.

Author: Tim Cole
Image credit: Tesla

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