Kerlink Launches Wirnet Gateway for easy LoRaWAN Network

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Kerlink Launches Wirnet Gateway for easy LoRaWAN Network

IoT-Developer Kerlink announced a new member of its WirnetTM family called “iStation” that delivers 4G backhaul connectivity and fully integrated internal antennas, and allows easy outdoor LoRaWAN network for IoT deployments and management. The addition of 4G backhaul connectivity replaces 3G connectivity, which is being decommissioned in an increasing number of countries. 4G is a popular choice for cellular backhaul for data transport to cloud-based applications. Integrated antennas reduce deployment costs by eliminating the need for additional antennas used as accessories, and they comply with “right-to-use” for each antenna on some deployments site.

Designed for global LoRaWAN deployments, Wirnet iStation supports multiple ISM bands, such as 868 Mhz, 915 Mhz, and 923 Mhz, and is certified by regulatory agencies in Europe (CE), the U.S. (FCC), Canada (IC), South Korea (KC), and other countries.
“As the IoT market continues to mature, IoT vertical-market companies told us they want to take the next step: they expect global solutions that are quick to integrate, easy to deploy, secure and straightforward to administer. The industrial-grade WirnetTM iStation embodies the significant R&D resources Kerlink has invested to meet this legitimate demand.” said Jean-Philippe Balberde, Kerlink’s innovative solutions and products marketing manager.

Combined with Kerlink WanesyTM Management Center as a network management suite, this new LoRaWAN gateway is a unique, robust, and performant end-to-end connectivity solution with powerful remote management features that allow customers to conveniently maximize return on their network investments,

Balberde added. Kerlink WirnetTM iStation security features include software and hardware architectures such as Prove & Run SecureBoot and SecureStorage to safely manage certificates required for trusted communications through VPN backhaul, and to secure and protect applications running on devices.

Author: Tim Cole
Image Credit: Kerlink


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