Keeping Smart Building Systems Safe

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Keeping Smart Building Systems Safe

The Internet of Things Security Foundation (IoTSF) has published a whitepaper aimed at raisinng awareness of the security issues associated with smart building systems and devices and demonstrating and how they are relevant to a broad range of different building stakeholders.

With the steady invasion of IoT devices into buildings and their networks, the IoTSF sees a growing need to support this area. With the deployment of sensors, buildings are becoming increasingly connected, so IoT networks, analytics and their integration with building management systems (BMS), building automation systems (BAS) and other systems (e.g. security, fire detection and alarms, occupancy, parking) will become more and more important.
“A Smart Building Systems provides a unified view and control of all the building sub-system domains”, the authors state. This allows smart buildings to be managed and optimized ‘holistically’ and provides ‘situation awareness’ to help managers understand the impact to their customers and aid their decision-making across a broad range of situations.
In 2017, the study says, criminals managed to steal 10GB of data from a North American casino high-roller database via an internet connected thermometer in a lobby aquarium. The internet connected fish tank allowed it to be remotely monitored, automatically adjust temperature and salinity, and automate feedings.
While it is not feasible to eliminate all risks from Security investments should be balanced against the effect of undesirable outcomes. Balancing should be grounded in a realistic assessment of the threats, the risks they pose and how they might prevent the system from fulfilling its intended functions. Costs should be evaluated, and a rational selection of implementation choices made to deliver an acceptable return on investment, the authors conclude.

Author: Tim Cole
Image Credit: COMP

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