Johnson Controls: Surveillance Video as a Service

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Johnson Controls: Surveillance Video as a Service

Johnson Controls recently announced that it has acquired Smartvue, an IoT and video provider that enables cloud video surveillance and IoT video services to deliver Surveillance Video as a Service. The company said that the addition of the Smartvue cloud-based video platform is designed to enhance Johnson Controls’ offering of an end-to-end, smart cloud based solution that can provide business data and intelligence to customers and add value for partners.

The addition of Smartvue’s open API cloud architecture to the Johnson Controls portfolio bolsters our ability to provide scalable video as a service in a highly cost effective, fast and secure way,

said David Grinstead, VP and GM, Security Products, Building Technologies & Solutions, Johnson Controls.

This acquisition will only strengthen our potential to more fully harness the power of cloud-based video and provide opportunities for our partners to derive new revenue streams as the industry’s adoption of cloud increases.

Johnson Controls Surveillance Video as a Service

Nashville-based Smartvue’s global video surveillance and IoT video cloud platform is supported in 140 countries and serves customers such as telcos, cable companies, security firms, storage providers, device manufacturers, and other organizations. The platform supports IoT technologies that enable secure video in almost any device to connect with a robust global cloud, accessed through an intuitive interface. Smartvue has more than 800 granted utility patent claims over its nearly 20-year history.

Author: Tim Cole
Image Credit: Johnson Controls

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