JIG-SAW and Altair Semiconductor Partner on LTE-Enabled Sensors for Industrial IoT

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JIG-SAW and Altair Semiconductor Partner on LTE-Enabled Sensors for Industrial IoT

Altair Semiconductor, a provider of cellular IoT chipsets, announced today it has partnered with JIG-SAW Inc., provider of Auto sensoring and Auto Direction solutions for IoT, to develop LTE-enabled sensors for a variety of global industrial IoT applications.

The partnership combines Altair’s dual-mode Cat-M/NB-IoT ALT1250 chipset with JIG-SAW’s software control technology to enable developers to create new IoT business models. Potential market applications include IoT sensors for warehouse site management, equipment monitoring, logistics, and more.

We are pleased to partner with Altair Semiconductor to bring end-to-end, power and cost-optimized LTE-connected solutions to IoT users around the world,

said Hiroto Ozaki, Chief Operating Officer of JIG-SAW.

The IoT market is expanding rapidly, and enabling control not only via the cloud, but also within the modem chip layer, offers significant value for IoT users by providing high monitoring quality and stabilized, consistent services.

The collaboration will enable users with to control and monitor individual devices and their status at all times via a modem chip connection. Additionally, auto-control services will enable users to address alerts in a timely manner.

Because Wi-Fi is not always feasible or efficient for many industrial IoT applications, cellular is a strategic alternative for reliable, secure and low-cost connectivity to the cloud,

said Ilan Reingold, VP of Business Development and Marketing for Altair Semiconductor.

We are excited to collaborate with JIG-SAW to bring the most secure and effective LTE-enabled solutions to the global industrial sensors market.

The integration will be demonstrated by JIG-SAW at re:Invent 2018, the Amazon Web Services annual user conference. The service is scheduled to launch in the Spring of 2019.

Author: Tim Cole
Image Credit: JIG-SAW

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