IoT World 2018: Samsung Artik Helps Untangle IoT

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IoT World 2018: Samsung Artik Helps Untangle IoT

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. showcased its latest IoT solutions at IoT World 2018 in Santa Clara, California, demonstrating how smart factories, intelligent buildings and asset managers using Samsung Artik IoT solutions can achieve meaningful return of investment through improved operational productivity, faster deployment with increased security and profitability.

Better asset management, monitoring and security are some of the most critical requirements to accelerate growth in the fourth industrial revolution,

said James Stansberry, senior vice president and general manager of Artik IoT at Samsung Electronics.

IoT has the ability to transform today’s businesses into more intelligent and efficient operations, yet it can also require extremely complex solutions to implement. Artik untangles the common complexities of IoT deployments with a full range of turn-key partner IoT solutions that provide flexibility and efficiency, so organizations can remain focused on how they can best provide tangible returns to their customers’ bottom line.

Hipaax, a provider for mobile workforce management solutions, improves factory operations for increased production line efficiency with an integrated solution that combines Artik cloud services with Shoreline IoT’s iCast Asset Monitoring Solution. Gateway-linked sensors share real-time information with cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) and Hipaxx TaskWatch to keep managers fully in sync with operations on the production floor. When a problem is spotted on the line, TaskWatch creates tasks for employees and ensures they are followed through using Samsung Gear smartwatches.
Shoreline IoT’s iCast solution offers real-time asset monitoring and predictive maintenance of brownfield assets. It uses Artik open APIs to enable seamless integration of 3rd party applications like Hipaax’s TaskWatch for digital factories. Integration of iCast hardware and software with Artik cloud services enables industrial and building customers to upgrade their legacy systems within a few minutes without disrupting plant operations or requiring additional assistance from specialized technicians.

With the Samsung Artik platform, our manufacturing clients see immediate returns on their deployments through improved operational efficiencies,

said Bharat Saini, founder and CTO, Hipaax.

The Artik platform and cloud services made it easier to integrate and quickly deliver this solution to our customers. Set up and implementation only takes a matter of a few weeks and we can modify the task logic in real-time. It’s a game changer for manufacturing, facilities management and logistics.

Author: Tim Cole
Image Credit: IoT World


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