IoT Transportation: NUI Smart Scooter

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IoT Transportation: NUI Smart Scooter

In the world of electric vehicles Chinese startup NIU believes that four wheels may be good but two wheels are better. At the 75th anniversary of the Eicma Motorcycle Show in Milan, the company unveiled four smart e-scooters to tempt urbanites over to their eco-friendly vehicles. Powered by Bosch electric motors, all but the budget U-Pro scooter have a range of over 130 km from a single charge and the Li-ion batteries are removable to allow them to be recharged in the home or office, so there’s no need to hunt around for an empty charging bay for parking. Top of the new range is the Project X with a maximum speed of 120 km/h and a range of 160 km. Next comes the N-GTX (100 km/h, 180 km), the N-GT model (80 km/h, range130 km), and the U-Pro (45 km/h, 70 km) with its ultra-minimalist design. All models will be available on the European market in 2018.

We have designed these two new models GTX and GT to meet the expectations of people looking for a more powerful and sustainable experience. They have been designed for speed, endurance, and power with an attractive design and faster acceleration

Token Hu, cofounder of NIU

IoT Transportation: Token Hu NIU


The U-Pro scooter was designed to be ideal for everyday commuting in urban areas. It reaches its maximum speed of 45 km/h in a few seconds and the removable battery recharges in seven hours. It will be available in Europe from April 2018. “We are excited about Project X because it forced us to reimagine battery and motor design in order to meet the demands of speed and range, and we think we will convert a lot of skeptical petrol moto-scooter riders to electric because of a smart price matched with this level of performance,” Hu adds. The onboard telematics run Android OS and feature a touchscreen display. This connects to the NIU E-Scooter app, which contains a maintenance manual and usage records, and alerts the user about the battery level and any malfunction that may occur. It can also report if the scooter is moved without permission and has integrated GPS tracking to locate a lost or stolen bike.

Image Credit: NUI


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