IoT solutions: Improving Vehicle Telematics and Asset Tracking

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IoT solutions: Improving Vehicle Telematics and Asset Tracking

Altair Semiconductor, a member of Sony Group and provider of cellular IoT chipsets, announced it is partnering with automotive technology and IoT solutions provider ERM Advanced Telematics. The cooperation aims at developing a new range of low-powered and installation-free automotive IoT solutions.

ERM’s new set of IoT and asset management solutions leverages Altair’s cellular IoT chipsets to provide installation-free solutions for asset management, stolen vehicle recovery (SVR) and vehicle financial services. These will include event-based platforms for automatic vehicle location and asset management applications using various sensors. The low power consumption of Altair’s chipsets allows the devices to be connected without being powered by the vehicle’s battery. The chipsets feature a hardware-based security framework and a set of host, peripheral and sensor interfaces, for integration in a range of industrial and consumer IoT applications.

As installation costs continue to rise in comparison to hardware prices, Altair’s unparalleled low power figures and extended battery life means we can provide on-board solutions with minimal installation requirements that are able to remain in the field for up to two years,

said Kfir Lavi, Senior VP and Deputy CEO at ERM Advanced Telematics.

This will usher in a new dawn for IoT and asset management, opening up a whole new market of applications for a wide range of automotive IoT scenarios.

Low power consumption is essential for the efficient and long-term growth of the automotive IoT space,

said Gili Friedman, Director of Business Management for Altair Semiconductor.

We are delighted that ERM Telematics has selected Altair’s cellular IoT technology to provide the low cost and power-efficient connectivity necessary to enable new markets and use cases.

Author: Tim Cole
Image Credit: ERM

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