IoT Smart Lights:  Crownstones light up your life

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IoT Smart Lights: Crownstones light up your life

You can find lots of kits out there that are built to make homes smarter without much installation but Crownstone plugs, developed in the Netherlands, can do a lot more than many competing products by using Bluetooth Low Energy signals. Built-in AI means the plugs can identify connected items by their power consumption and create a Bluetooth map of rooms in a house. The plugs come in two basic formats. One is an adapter which plugs into the wall socket and allows other devices to be plugged into it; the other is a small invisible unit that can be internally mounted in the socket by an electrician.

IoT Bluetooth Low Energy: Cornerstone Smart Plug

Whichever version is chosen, they are able to switch on the lights as soon as a person carrying a smart device enters the room – and turn them off again when the person leaves. Energy-hungry devices will be switched off automatically when nobody is at home and household tools, like irons, can be made childproof by being prevented from working if no adult is present. The plugs can also be controlled remotely via a smartphone. The Crownstone kit containing two power plugs is available for €90 from the company’s webstore. They are only currently available for round European 240 V power outlets but other versions may appear over time. Similarly, the system is open source so time may see extra functionality added to the plugs.

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