IoT service: Sigfox Announces New Initiatives at Connect 2019

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IoT service: Sigfox Announces New Initiatives at Connect 2019

At its annual corporate bash entitled Connect 2019 held in Singapore, Sigfox co-founder and CEO Ludovic Le Moan announced a number of new initiatives aimed at strengthening the company’s position as one of the world’s leading IoT service providers and initiator of the 0G network.

The first initiative is an alliance between Amadeus, a travel technology company, and Sigfox partner, which follows a year-long collaboration investigating business opportunities within the travel industry. The two companies will jointly launch PinPoint, a reusable, cost and energy-efficient, and globally connected trackers to give airports and airlines real-time information about the location of luggage and high value assets. It expects to track items including spare parts, landing gear, and Unit Load Devices (ULD). PinPoint will launch in 2020.

Our strategic alliance named PinPoint will not only help to improve the travel experience, but this will also change completely the game for an industry looking for decades for THE technology able to save costs while improving efficiency and quality of services,

said Sigfox Chief Adoption Officer Raouti Chehih. Sigfox has also announced it will strengthen its “Atlas” geolocation services to improve asset tracking. Atlas Native is the first geolocation service solely based on the Sigfox network. The IoT service is available for every device equipped with the simplest Sigfox module, without GPS or any other additional hardware/software compo.


Nicigas, one of Japan’s leading gas suppliers, confirmed that it will connect 850,000 gas meters through Sigfox’s 0G network. “Space Hotaru” is a reader that is easily retrofitted onto existing gas meters to enable “smart” features for the system. The Network Controlling Unit (NCU)collects and transmits gas consumption data to NICIGAS’ IoT service data platform, “NICIGAS Stream”, via Sigfox’s Japan-wide 0G wireless network allowing the gas valve to be controlled remotely.

Author: Tim Cole
Image Credit: Sigfox


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