IoT RFID: Smart kiosks link chips to the cloud

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IoT RFID: Smart kiosks link chips to the cloud

The Franchise Entertainment Group kiosks use HF RFID technology and a cellular connection with Canopy software from Banyan Hills Technology to manage approximately 1,300 kiosks at which movies are rented throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Steve Latham, the former CTO at entertainment technology company NCR Corp., has a new company founded a new company called Banyan Hills Technologies, based in Atlanta, Ga., offering an Internet of Things (IoT) platform that captures and manages data from kiosks and other devices, and enables companies to have visibility into those units, no matter where in the world they are located.

FEG, Australia’s largest home entertainment company, operates such brands as Blockbuster, Video Ezy and EzyDVD. FEG egan deploying the kiosks with the Canopy IoT software at such retail locations as supermarkets across Australia and New Zealand, and beyond. FEG currently has between 1,100 and 1,400 kiosks in place, with long-term plans to increase that number to 2,500. When individuals wish to rent a movie, they presents their credit card to the machine and make a movie selection. The box’s internal robotics dispense that movie by reading the RFID tag’s ID number to confirm which movie is being provided. The company can then charge the individual for that specific movie, and he or she can return it to the box when finished.

The Canopy system enables the company to track not only each kiosk’s inventory, but also how often the machine has been used, how often specific movies have been rented and which movies are not being rented at all. It can then conduct a variety of analytics. For instance, because Canopy’s management console software, hosted on a cloud-based server, displays each purchase transaction, it knows how often the POS mechanisms are used, and can thus identify when they will require maintenance or replacement.

Author: Tim Cole
Image Credit: Banyan Hills Technologies

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