IOT Platform: Store tracking for the masses

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IOT Platform: Store tracking for the masses

Radio frequency identification and sensor technology company Mojix has released a new set of products aimed at providing hands-free, item-level tracking for retailers and brands. Several stores and brands are already piloting the company’s IoT Platform TurboAntenna with its STARflex reader to capture the location of
items in a warehouse or stockroom in real time.

The company is also releasing a 1.0 version of an app known as Retail Task Management, that lets employees in a store view inventory using software running on Android or Apple iOS devices, to make stock management easier.

Mojix is teaming with Microsoft to offer a Blockchain-enhanced version of its solution so members of an enterprise supply chain – retailers, suppliers and logistics providers, for example – can view transactions from radio-frequency identification (RFID) tag reads contained within smart contracts empowered by Blockchain for the new IoT Platform.

The original premise of RFID was about automatic data capture,

said Scot Stelter, Mojix vice president of product marketing. He added that deploying fxed readers had been challenging not only due to cost.


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