IoT solution: Giants work “better together”

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IoT solution: Giants work “better together”

Microsoft and C3 IoT have announced a “better together” IoT solution and go-to-market initiatives in order to speed up the application development of enterprise AI and IoT. The “better together” solution, comprising of the C3 IoT Platform – a low-code, highly productive PaaS for scaling AI and IoT throughout enterprises – is fully integrated to operate on Microsoft Azure. The Microsoft-C3 IoT collaboration will allow customers to formulate and deploy AI-based applications faster for transformative use cases such as AI predictive maintenance, dynamic inventory optimisation, precision healthcare, and CRM.

With Microsoft Azure as a preferred cloud provider, the C3 IoT Platform offers more intelligent business solutions to increase customer value. The C3 IoT Platform is presently available on Microsoft Azure and fully integrated with multiple Azure services including Azure IoT Hub and Azure Machine Learning.

Combining the market reach of Microsoft, the amazing power of Microsoft Azure, and the capability of the C3 IoT AI platform, we will dramatically accelerate the adoption of AI, IoT, and elastic cloud computing globally

said Judson Althoff, who is responsible for worldwide commercial business at Microsoft.

Author: Tim Cole
Image Credit: C3 IoT

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