IoT Hardware: Keeping track of scrubs with RFID

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IoT Hardware: Keeping track of scrubs with RFID

IoT Hardware: Scrub replacement purchases with the aidd of RFID chips and systems that manage the use of medical procedure garments by hospital personnel may be poised for take-off.

LewisGale Medical Center, located in Salem, Va., recently installed a solution provided by Autovalet Systems, that consists of a pair of cabinets that detect the movements of scrubs as they are accessed and later returned by staff members. Staff members access the scrubs they need, then return them once they are finished using them. However, if there is a concern that scrubs may not be available at a later date, or if employees simply do not take the time to pick up and return their scrubs regularly, the items are removed and eplaced to ensure that inventory levels are maintained.

“The problem at most health-care facilities,” says John Varley, Autovalet’s director, “is that some workers treat scrubs like disposable items”. Many facilities use locked cabinets that require an ID badge to access the scrubs, but tracking how many items are removed can pose a challenge. Camera systems provide some information, but few companies have the time or resources to view the collected video footage.

Author: Tim Cole

Image Credit: Autovalet

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