IoT-driven Telecare for Chinese Seniors

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IoT-driven Telecare for Chinese Seniors

China is rolling out the world’s first major IoT-driven telecare solution in 20 biggest cities. Aimed at providing better protection of senior citizens, the new system is the result of collaboration between Senioradom, a French telecare company, and Sigfox, which bills itself as the world’s leading IoT connectivity service.

Made up of different movement sensors and door opening detection, as well as an alert and geo-localisation necklace, the solution has been designed to automatically detect any potential behavioural anomalies due to a fall, a person feeling faint or a deteriorating mental condition such as Alzheimer’s. Thanks to the autolearning algorithms developed by Senioradom, which have been operating successfully in France for the past 3 years, together with Sigfox’s technology that allows the transmission of data at a very low cost and with minimum energy use, this innovative solution will allow different cities in China to better protect their elderly populations by anticipating risks and acting faster in emergencies.

China currently has 200 million senior citizens. A rural exodus of the active population towards major cities and the low income of a large proportion of the elderly population, as well as a lack of hospitals and doctors, has pushed China to find affordable solutions that are quick to deploy, to help the Chinese administration face this significant social challenge.

The Chengdu High-Tech Industrial Development Zone has assured nearly EUR 300 million investment for the deployment after a pilot phase among 1500 individuals beginning 2018.

Author: Tim Cole
Image Credit: Sigfox

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