IoT Data: Cloud based platform Qlik Sense

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IoT Data: Cloud based platform Qlik Sense

Qlik announced that Rentokil Initial uses the Qlik Sense analytics platform to gain better insights from its product and global company operations IoT data. The partnership supports the global deployment of innovative digital pest control products and new services. The cloud-based Sense platform will provide data-visualizations from Rentokil’s IoT product roll out. It uses connected digital devices to deliver new levels of proactive risk management against the threat of pest infestation. Examples are the mapping of weather patterns with rodent behavior or the tracking of insect-swarms as they cross territories. Currently Rentokil uses over 20,000 digital devices, running in 12 countries globally and generating more than three million pieces of data. These units can automatically alert technicians when a rodent is caught, also providing the information to customers through the myRentokil online portal.
Rentokil Initial’s IT Director Paul Donegan,comments:

Qlik’s platform will enable Rentokil to gain a new depth of insight from its data and, crucially, empower our front line staff with the latest information and real-time trends, improving productivity. This level of data visualization will be crucial as the company continues to digitize and extend its IoT services, heralding the future of pest control management.

Author: Tim Cole
Image credit: Qlik

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