IOT-connected: AWARE Monitors Water Levels

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IOT-connected: AWARE Monitors Water Levels

Intellisense Systems, Inc., provider of integrated environmental sensing solutions, started shipping production units of their IOT-connected AWARE Flood monitoring systems. It comes with integrated solar power management, IoT communications, and mesh networking capabilities. The system can be installed in urban and rural communities and is able to provide low-cost flood monitoring and reporting without costly infrastructure investment. The Flood sensor has multiple expansion ports for additional sensors. Here, an optional camera unit or a tipping bucket for measuring precipitation can be installed.

The system consists of a network of sensors installed near flood plains, riverbeds or low-lying areas. Each sensor is connected to the internet via an integrated cellular or Iridium satellite communication module. All data can be stored in the cloud-based data logger. An integrated solar power system and built-in rechargeable batteries, make external power sources obsolete. The modules are ruggedized and built to withstand strong storms. Each sensor begins collecting data within 60 seconds of start-up and transmits information to a portal provided by Intellisense. Customers may view data and images from the sensor’s site – these may also be sent directly to third party software such as emergency response management tools and automated alert systems.

Over the past four years we have worked with emergency management and flood resilience teams around the country, with the support of the Department of Homeland Security.

said David Miller, Vice President and General Manager of Environmental Monitoring Systems at Intellisense Systems.

During that time, we have fielded hundreds of units and refined the design into the commercial units we are producing today. We are delivering the best product on the market for flood monitoring and we’re proud to have this opportunity to help protect life and property, making communities more resilient to flooding events.

Author: Rainer Claaßen
Image Credit: Intellisense Systems

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