IoT Cloud: A History Lesson from Honeywell

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IoT Cloud: A History Lesson from Honeywell

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it, the philosopher George Santayana famously said. Honeywell has taken his lesson to heart and tried to find a way to improve keeping tabs on cloud-baes systems. Instead of relying on unstructured, Uniformance Cloud Historian delivers the real-time process data analysis expected from a traditional enterprise historian plus batch analysis capability from the data lake, ERP and production data. Now, data can be analyzed instantly, using tools and functions already in use at sites and plants – on a far wider scale than was possible before. Now, insights found at one plant can be leveraged across all plants, allowing smarter, more strategic action to be taken. ​

The Cloud Historian is hosted on Microsoft Azure cloud platform, with the Enterprise Historian based on a cloud native time series database, and the data lake based on Hadoop, allowing users’ data scientists to use their preferred tools. Customers can use the data store to correlate other types of data and analyze it against process data across the enterprise.

IoT Cloud: Honeywell Historian Cloud

The solution is designed to provide data in context, too. Once enterprise data is amassed in a single data store, it uses a defined model for the data that makes it easy to access and provides context for anyone trying to visualize or analyze it.

Cloud Historian uses unique smart cloud connector software which enables users to connect to various data sources and configure the data for transfer to the cloud in just minutes. The software enables users to easily connect to any Honeywell Uniformance PHD or OPC-compatible historian.

Cloud Historian is built on the Honeywell Sentience Cloud Platform, which provides a standard platform for Honeywell applications and a common platform on which Honeywell partners can develop applications and services., enabling them to instantly access to rich, complete historical data from which to draw insights and base strategic decisions that can impact profitability and business success.

Author: Tim Cole
Image Credit: Pixabay


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