IoT Can Provide Safety and Security in Schools

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IoT Can Provide Safety and Security in Schools

Today’s school district administrators face a far more complex set of challenges than they did even a decade ago. In addition to providing a top-notch education, they must also ensure the safety and security of their students, faculty and staff in an unfortunately more complicated world. As a result, schools across the United States are deploying growing numbers of connected devices and smart building functionality.

Ruckus Networks, a subsidiary of Arris International plc, has partnered with the Soter Technologies, which developed the Fly Sense sensor that can detect vaping, smoke and irregular noises in hard-to-monitor areas such as bathrooms and locker rooms. Their aim is detection and prevention of everything from bullying, cyberbullying to vaping and smoking.
According to Rich Nedwich, director of education global marketing at Ruckus Wireless, the need to cope with vaping is straining educational resources. Vaping in schools is a leading cause for out-of-school suspension. High school out-of-school suspensions cost the country $35bn annually, squeezing already tight district and school budgets as well as decreased national economic potential. Costs include added administrative oversight, remediation/counseling, parent meetings, credit recovery programs, increased truancy, increased criminal justice costs, and fewer graduates/reduced Higher Ed enrollment, and a lower-skilled work force.

Safety and security with modern technology

Nedwich says his company’s goal is to provide an infrastructure for schools which can be used to support a myriad of applications such as IP-connected school bells, locks, HVAC systems, surveillance cameras, and sensors in and around the school. The company uses channel partners such as systems integrators and channel resellers to oversee the interaction with school districts. The theme of convergence also extends to channel partners.

Channel partners are coming in and saying: ‘Wait a minute, let me have a look at that sensor and your IoT suite,’

Nedwich said.

Author: Tim Cole
Image Credit: Ruckus Networks

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