IoT-Based Wildfire Prevention System from Kerlink and NetOP

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IoT-Based Wildfire Prevention System from Kerlink and NetOP

IoT-specialists Kerlink and NetOP Technology announced a collaboration on a IoT-Based wildfire prevention system that can warn public officials when weather conditions predict fires. Almost 200.000 fires have been recorded through the summer of 2021 globally. Extreme temperatures and droughts have fueled fires in Russia, Greece, Sicily, Algeria, Tunisia, the Amazon, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Canada and the United States. In California the Dixie Fire has been burning since mid-July and has ravaged more than 200,000 hectares.

To help identify risk areas, the LoRaWAN-based system combines Kerlink Wirnet gateways with Forest Capsules from NetOP that measure meteorological conditions such as humidity, temperature, CO2 and the concentration of volatile organic compounds, using built-in sensors. The long-range wireless device can detect, collect and report dangerous conditions even in very remote locations via LoRaWAN gateways. Its AI capabilities identify likely fire outbreaks and report their exact GPS location. The system’s dashboard features an integrated AI layer, sensors with machine-learning functions, forest fire prediction, on-line risk calculation, smart live maps of terrain, real-time heat maps and alarm scenarios.

IoT-Based Wildfire Prevention

IoT-Based wildfire prevention system. Image: NetOP

Our technology and Kerlink’s very wide LoRaWAN coverage allow forest and wildlands managers to expand their monitoring far beyond traditional capabilities of smoke detection and early fire observation,

said Olcay Taysi, co-founder of NetOP Technology.

By predicting where fires are likely to start, the Forest Capsule system helps officials spend their monitoring and surveillance activities more effectively.

This solution delivers on the global scale by helping to anticipate climate change consequences potentially resulting in vast fires, and locally it protects wildlife and enables organizations to conserve water and other resources used in fighting fires,

said Romain Weryk, Kerlink key account manager.

Kerlink’s expertise on gateways and communication management is widely recognized for the robust performance those features deliver in diverse and challenging environments, and they make Kerlink an obvious partner for this world’s-first, IoT wildfire-prevention application.

Author: Rainer Claaßen
Image Credit: Pixabay


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