IoT at Home: A Connected Closet from Samsung

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IoT at Home: A Connected Closet from Samsung

The “connected refrigerator” is one of the most utilized examples of IoT at Home technology. Samsung just topped that with the presentation of an Internet connected personal garment care appliance. The “Air Dresser” takes care of clothing in four ways: airing, steaming, drying, and purifying. The product, which is available in Korea starting late summer 2018, will be shipped in four different colors – gold, brown, rose, and white – at a price equivalent to €1,500. The CEO of Samsung Electronics Consumer Electronics Division said:

Samsung Electronics has been leading the market with product innovation, IoT leadership, and lifestyle of the millennial generation. We will open the era of clean clothing and change the lifestyle of consumers.

The appliance uses technology from different sources within Samsung: steam technology from washing machines, treatment from refrigerators, and filtration from air purifiers. Air Dresser is able to connect with Samsung’s SmartThings. It will recommend different cleaning programs and vary the air flow force depending on the detected garment material.

The SmartThings app will also send notifications when garments are ready and alert owners when the air filter needs replacement. Samsung claims that the Air Dresser can remove 99 percent of dust on clothes within 25 minutes and that it can almost eliminate germs people encounter in everyday lives.

Image Credit: Samsung


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