IoT in Office: Paint on Paper – Edit on Tablet

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IoT in Office: Paint on Paper – Edit on Tablet

Many people prefer the surface of paper to that of smart devices for sketching or handwriting. But transferring scribbles from paper to the digital realm can be a hassle. Not with IoT in Office: RoWrite brings the traditional notepad into the digital age. When you write or sketch on paper attached to the device, every pen stroke is captured digitally by RoWrite. When the system is not paired with a smart device, the work is saved internally and can be edited or shared later.

Iot in Office Paint on Paper – Edit on Tablet

Paired devices will display anything that is sketched on the RoWrite in real time. The hardware includes a notepad with an integrated flexible sensor that tracks motion of the RoWrite pen on the surface of paper. This pen is a hybrid ink/digital writing device with 2,048 pressure points of sensitivity. Transferred to a smartphone, the captured sketches or writings can be edited in a versatile app, available for iOS and Android. You may even record the whole process of sketching as a movie. Not everyone may need this gadget – but at €130, it is an affordable investment.

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