IoT and Photo: A Hands-Free Camera for Snapchat

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IoT and Photo: A Hands-Free Camera for Snapchat

IoT and Photo: Snapchat’s first attempt to sell glasses with integrated cameras was not a huge success. Still they seem to be convinced to pursue the idea, so decided to give the product an update: the new Spectacles 2 are more comfortable to wear, have a smaller profile, and they’re water-resistant. Wearers may tap the button to record video with improved audio or can press and hold to take a photo.

Iot and Photo Snapchat Spectacles 2

Captured snaps will be transferred to Snapchat up to four times faster than with the old model. Snaps are captured in a circular format at a resolution of 1216 × 1216 for videos and 1642 × 1642 for pictures. The glasses have storage for up to 150 videos or 3,000 photos, which are transferred to a phone through the Snapchat app. A pair of glasses costs €150. In the announcement, Snapchat set ambitious targets:

Our Snap Lab team is responsible for ensuring that the Snap Camera remains the most used camera in the world long-term, even as camera devices evolve.

Image Credit: Snapchat


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