IoT and Health: Smart Tea with Vorwerk’s Temial

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IoT and Health: Smart Tea with Vorwerk’s Temial

Until a few years ago, Vorwerk was best known for vacuum cleaners. Then the German company developed the smart cooking machine Thermomix, that revolutionized the kitchen. And now they are going for tea, with the Temial tea-maker. The Iot and health product was developed by a startup group within the company. The tea-maker is the centerpiece of a system that makes the preparation of individual tea varieties possible with the help of a code scanner and an accompanying app.

IoT and Health - Smart Tea by Vorwerk

The Temial comes with a range of ten different loose-leaf organic varieties of teas – and an extensive portfolio of accessories. After scanning the barcode that is printed on each bag of tea, the Temial will automatically provide the perfect treatment of that special variety of tea. With the help of the app, individual treatments for different kinds of tea can be configured individually. A water filter and a boiler are integrated in the stylish machine that can be ordered directly from Vorwerk at a price of €600.

Image Credit: Vorwerk


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