IoT and Automotive: Quectel Announces Marelli Collaboration and Deals to Supply European OEMs

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IoT and Automotive: Quectel Announces Marelli Collaboration and Deals to Supply European OEMs

Global supplier of IoT and automotive communication modules, Quectel Wireless Solutions, announced a collaboration with Marelli – a leading global independent supplier to the automotive sector. The companies have been working together on a broad range of projects over the last five years. Quectel has supported Marelli’s migration from its existing network access device (NAD). Two European automotive original equipment manufacturers chose to use Quectel’s new AG35 LTE-NAD – one of them will start production this year.

Marelli and Quectel also established a joint basis to advance work in progress on 5G and cellular vehicle-to-x (CV2X) platforms. The projects the two companies addressed in the automotive industry include enablement of evolved LTE connectivity through the Quectel AG520R and AG55xQ platforms. This is Quectel’s first relationship with an automotive industry customer outside China.

Quectel Announces Marelli Collaboration and Deals to Supply European Automotive OEMs

Image: Quectel

Quectel’s AG35 family of LTE category 4 modules supports downlink rates of up to 150 Mbps and uplink rates of 50Mbps. The modules ensure great robustness in harsh environments. They are backward-compatible with existing EDGE and GSM/GPRS networks, allowing them to be connected even in remote areas devoid of 3G or 4G coverage. They may be used ins fleet management, vehicle tracking, in-vehicle navigation systems, remote vehicle monitoring, remote vehicle control, remote vehicle diagnostics, security monitoring and alarms, vehicle wireless routing, in-car entertainment, and many others.

I’m delighted to reveal our five-year collaboration with Marelli and the fruits of our work with the awarding of two contracts from European OEMs to Marelli that include our AG35 LTE-NAD,

said Dominikus Hierl, SVP Sales at Quectel Wireless Solutions.

We’re proud to see production scheduled to start later this year and to have achieved such a broad and long-standing relationship with Marelli in Europe which we look forward to continuing to build upon as we engage in further RFQs together.

We have built an excellent collaboration with Quectel – stated Wisea Wu, Head of Marelli Electronics BU in China – as their connectivity solutions are important elements for Marelli Telematic Boxes to enable advanced functions, services and applications for carmakers. Quectel supports Marelli in its multi-level approach, from 4G and 5G technology, to cybersecurity SW & HW solutions, up to future V2X communication protocols, aimed at empowering the communication systems in the car and to maximize user experience and safety onboard.

Author: Rainer Claaßen
Image Credit: Marelli


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