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Internet of Life IoT: Rhino tracking

The Internet of Life organization deploys Semtech’s LoRaWAN IoT network to monitor endangered species and improve operations at Mkomazi National Park in Tanzania. The Internet of Life IoT LoRa-equipped sensor is implanted directly into the rhino’s horn. The sensor gives park rangers the ability to accurately monitor the whereabouts and activities of the endangered black rhinos and keep them safe from poachers.

The tracking sensor for Internet of Life IoT is part of a comprehensive LoRaWAN-based IoT security solution that is deployed throughout Mkomazi National Park. Another smart application used by the park is the monitoring of gate open/closures through solar-powered LoRa-based sensors installed on worker vehicles. All the data is transmitted from the various sensors within the network to an observation room where the tracked items appear on a digital map.

From a technology standpoint, our IoT sensor network gives us everything we need to be successful, providing long-range coverage, a wireless signal that is difficult for poachers to detect, and low-power operation to ensure the batteries in our sensors can last for at least a decade. It is our hope that by implementing this type of network in other wildlife sanctuaries, we will be able to work with local groups to keep endangered animals safe and help preserve some of the most wonderful natural ecosystems in the world.

said Tim van Dam, Internet of Life spokesperson

Author: Tim Cole
Image credit: Internet of Life

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