Intelligent Leak Detection: Plugging the Holes

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Intelligent Leak Detection: Plugging the Holes

Intelligent Leak Detection: Water leaks, even small ones, can add up to large volumes of wasted clean water and – increased costs for property owners.

by Alan Earls

And, of course, leaks can sometimes have disastrous consequences like flooding, equipment damage, and ruined walls and floors. Wasteful water use practices also hit the bottom line.

To tackle this challenge, Aqualytics, based in the UK, offers an AI-powered water conservation and leak detection systems powered by WINT Water Intelligence, a global water management solutions company based in Israel. The Aqualytics system integrates with plumbing systems. Companies that use the system claim double-digit water use reductions – some say they are using up to almost one-third less.
And, in one instance, a new unoccupied structure had a catastrophic leak on an unoccupied floor. Fortunately, the Aqualytics system detected the abnormal event and shut off water before serious damage – and long before humans could have reacted.
AI is a fantastic tool for analyzing complex data such as water flow and identifying specific anomalies and characteristics, explains chief product officer Yaron Dycian. “It has proven invaluable in enabling us to effectively understand water flows with very low false positives and very high detection rates,” he adds.

AI has proven to be invaluable in enabling Aqualytics to understand water flows with fewer false positives
Yaron Dycian, WINT chief product and strategy officer


While Dycian cautions that AI is not a cure-all, when combined with other technologies such as signal processing and pattern recognition and data processing tools, it can be highly effective. “AI will continue to disrupt industries while providing solutions to problems that were never thought possible,” says Dycian. And, he adds, “there are probably not many areas of business that will not be impacted.

Intelligent Leak Detection - The Flowless system

Intelligent Leak Detection: The Flowless system uses machine learning to understand how a building uses water and detects any changes.

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