Integrated Roadway: Smart Pavement Installed in Colorado

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Integrated Roadway: Smart Pavement Installed in Colorado

This summer, Kansas startup Integrated Roadways installed its first “smart pavement” set to an intersection in an industrial corner of Denver. The installation consists of four slabs of concrete embedded with sensors at an intersection between a PepsiCo bottling plant and two parking lots. This pilot test is carried out in cooperation with the Colorado Department of Transportation. The technology can detect crashes when they occur, and automatically notify emergency responders. A piece of concrete manufactured as a slab has an integrated three-axis accelerometer that measures vibrations to predict vehicle paths.

Smart Pavement -Integrated Roadways

A fiber-optic cable detects strain in the pavement and a magnetometer gauges the width of cars’ axles to help figure out what kind of car is currently passing over the slab. An additional gyroscope records the position of the slab, determining whether the road has shifted out of place. Data is sent through a Power-over-Ethernet connection to control centers along the road. If this pilot project goes well, Integrated Roadways plans to replace 500 meters of smart pavement along a dangerous curve just south of Denver in early 2019.

Image Credit: Integrated Roadway


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