InnovationLab: Trelleborg Integrate Printed Sensors in Logistics App

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InnovationLab: Trelleborg Integrate Printed Sensors in Logistics App

InnovationLab, a provider of printed electronics, has announced that it has been working with Trelleborg Sealing Solutions to integrate its printed sensors into a new logistics application. Trelleborg’s IntelliStok inventory-management system, the company reports, is designed to eliminate the need for manual item scanning, thereby saving time, increasing efficiency and reducing costs. IntelliStok works with existing kanban-based systems to provide real-time inventory tracking of the company’s sealing products.

The solution utilizes printed pressure sensor matrices from InnovationLab, which are placed inside a warehouse’s existing storage bins. The sensors weigh the products in each bin and wirelessly transmit this data to the cloud.

This was a challenging application,” said Domenico Tucci, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions’ IoT solution architect, in a prepared statement. “As our seals can weigh less than 1 gram, we needed a sensitive, cost-effective system that could reliably provide accurate information. InnovationLab worked closely with us to develop a solution that exceeded our expectations and then manufactured the sensor matrices for us.

We provide tailored solutions for our customers’ challenges, from the initial concept to the industrial production of the final product,

added Luat Nguyen, InnovationLab’s managing director, in the prepared statement.

Our expertise is based on an in-depth understanding of materials, processes and printing technologies. For Trelleborg, we researched and analyzed possible solutions, then designed and manufactured the optimal sensor matrix that met their specific needs.

Trelleborg says it set multiple requirements for the sensor matrix material, such as low cost and sufficient durability, in order to prevent deformation or creasing during use. InnovationLab undertook detailed research and testing of various materials until it identified one that could meet all of the criteria.
Trelleborg offers IntelliStok as a service to its customers. The solution triggers orders automatically for the replenishment of stock, directly in Trelleborg’s systems. Customers receive an email informing them of their order, and the stock arrives shortly thereafter. For Trelleborg’s customers, there are five standard-size sensor units available, which fit most bin types. The sensor matrices are integrated into a module that incorporates a microcontroller, a Wi-Fi chip for wireless connectivity and a 3.6-volt lithium battery.

Author: Tim Cole
Image Credit: InnovationLab

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