Industry Alliance: IoT Security

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Industry Alliance: IoT Security

A group of top-tier cybersecurity companies have announced a new deal to join forces against security threats. The IoT Cybersecurity Alliance includes AT&T, IBM, Nokia, Palo Alto Networks, Symantec and Trustonic. The partners in IoT Security said that they will use their combined expertise to help tackle critical Internet of Things (IoT) security challenges.

The explosive growth in the number of IoT devices is only expected to continue; therefore, so must the associated cybersecurity protections,

said Mo Katibeh, SVP, Advanced Solutions, AT&T.

Today’s businesses are connecting devices ranging from robots on factory floors to pacemakers and refrigerators. Helping these organizations stay protected requires innovation across the whole IoT ecosystem to enable sustainable growth.

AT&T recently asked companies about their experiences in IoT security, and almost 60 percent said they were not confident in the status of their IoT devices.
The alliance members believe the key to IoT security lies in protecting all devices at the endpoint, network, cloud and application layer, and using overarching threat analytics to study the overall ecosystem and designing products with a built- in, always-on security approach.

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