Industrial IOT : Thyssenkrupp makes the business a kid’s game

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Industrial IOT : Thyssenkrupp makes the business a kid’s game

Connecting existing machines perform in an industrial environment can be a major headache since they are madfe by different companies and conform to various standards. thyssenkrupp Materials Services, a subsidiary of the legendary steelmaker based in Essen, Germany, has introduced a platform called toii that connects machines of different makes and ages and offers predictive maintenance capability for legacy systems. The name, which is the abbreviation of “Industrial Internet of Things” spelled backwards and pronounced like “toy” is intended to show that linking heterogenous machines to existing IT infrastructures is as easy as child’s play.

Thyssen Indsutrial IoT

The digital platform enables machines to share date and communicate with one another as well as with central IT systems. Connecting industrial tools and machines such as bandsaws, bending machines, cranes and forklifts as well as sophisticated milling machines and laser systems is achieved through an end-to-end system tailored specifically to the needs of industrial customers. “We are taking the digital transformation to the core areas of our business: our production shops, our machinery and equipment, and our materials”, says Hans-Josef Hoss, a member of the board of thyssenkrupp Materials Services. The platform is an in-house development, highly scalable, and can integrate up to several hundred machines a year. An international Materials Services team of IT professionals from Germany, India and the USA worked together to develop toii. Alongside various projects in Germany, there are already plans to deploy the system in the UK and the USA.

Author: Tim Cole
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