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Industrial IoT: APX Labs – managing Smart Glasses

At Connect 2016, APX Labs, developer of the Skylight platform which powers the connected workforce, announced a partnership with VMware that delivers the first fully integrated enterprise solution for managing deployment and support for smart glasses for Industrial IoT. APX Labs’ Skylight platform, tightly coupled with VMware AirWatch enterprise mobility management platform allows IT administrators to seamlessly manage smart glasses, ensure compliance with enterprise security policies, and configure user-specific variables – from a single touch point, under their existing device management console. Until now, augmented reality smart glasses and other wearables have been difficult to manage and secure at the enterprise level. Now companies can leverage their current mobile device management (MDM) systems to deliver smart glasses alongside a broader portfolio of mobile, laptop and tablet devices, removing what previously had been a significant barrier to adoption in large organizations.

Author: Tim Cole
Image credit: APX Labs/Upskill

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