Industrial Internet of Things: Micron’s IQ

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Industrial Internet of Things: Micron’s IQ

The New IQ for Success in the Industrial Internet of Things

by Amit Gattani

Industrial Quotient (IQ) is all about making intelligent choices for your industrial product design. Choices that not only help you meet functional product requirements, but also ensure long-term reliability and quality—across a wide range of rugged/industrial use cases—while keeping product life cycle management simple. For every dollar spent on an industrial device, Micron estimates that over $10 will be spent on developing software and business services around it. It becomes even more critical to make the right design choices upfront, and not let hardware, field or life cycle issues get in the way of business performance.
IQ is Much More Than IT Often, the industry thinks an Industrial Temperature (IT, -40° to 85°C) component is all that is needed for industrial product designs. However, that’s rarely the case, as temperature is one of the many considerations for industrial designs. An IT marking on a vendor’s portfolio is not indicative of the true industrial-grade quality, reliability, ruggedness or longevity that’s truly necessary in these applications. In fact, there are many industrial applications like medical devices or in-flight infotainment systems that may not even need an industrial temperature rating because of their controlled environments, but they still require a very high level of reliability/endurance and ruggedization.

Industrial Internet of Things: Microns Industrial Quotient

Our 25+ years of collaborating with industrial customers brings to market a mindset and portfolio that delivers sustainable value:
Application Expertise
Regional experts with in-depth understanding of embedded system requirements.
Ruggedized Products
Product enhancements including extended temperature, thermal cycling, shock and humidity.
High Reliability Products
Reliability for rugged, extreme-temperature and mission-critical environments. Extensive Quality Testing Rigorous testing for consistent performance across products and processes.
Roadmap Stability
Formal Product Longevity Program (PLP) on select DRAM, NAND and NOR products.

Industrial Internet of Things: Memory and Storage Solutions

Memory and storage solutions play a critical role in bill of material for these devices, and intelligent component and vendor choice upfront is essential to limiting potential business disruption due to hardware feld or lifecycle issues. Designers should stop thinking “IT”, and instead start thinking “IQ” to be successful.

Amit Gattani is Senior Director of Segment Marketing at Micron Technology

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