I/O 2018: Google Assistant will book your table

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I/O 2018: Google Assistant will book your table

Google Assistant will soon be able to make calls for people to make reservations. In a presentation at Google’s developer conference I/O 2018, the company demonstrated how the software can use a female voice to make a salon appointment. Google also announced it will start testing this feature called “Duplex” this summer – without giving details on how exactly these tests will be done.

In the demo, Google showed how clients can tell the Assistant to make a haircut appointment. The Assistant will then make the call, talk to the person who answers and make the request. The assis-tant is even able to handle complicated conversations and use filling sounds like “Ummm” or “Ahh” that make it sound a lot more human. Even if you know that it is software talking here, it is quite hard to actually prevent yourself from thinking that it’s a human being on the other end.

Author: Tim Cole
Image Credit: Google


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