Hotel Management: Counting Sheets With IoT

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Hotel Management: Counting Sheets With IoT

The five-star The Lowry Hotel in Manchester, has chosen The Linen Group (TLG) to install an IoT system to manage its available inventory of bedsheets, towels and other laundered assets automatically.Hotel Management

With reading tags installed on every linen item the hotel uses, The Lowry Hotel can access data in the cloud-based software about linen stocks onsite and can then place orders as needed. Hotel manager Adrian Ellis believes technology will save labor and ultimately make the hotel team more productive. “They will spend fewer hours counting,” he explains, “and more hours servicing rooms and serving our clientele,” he said.
As hotels reopen around the world after a lengthy pandemic-driven shutdown, they are challenged with managing the status of linens that were often little used for more than a year. The hotels need to ensure the linens are available, serviced and returned to linen closets promptly, without the distraction of manual counting.
The Lowry is leveraging data provided by passive UHF RFID tags to keep track of its laundry assets. A five-star businesses named after the famous British artist “L.S.” Lowry, the hotel caters to a clientele that includes actors and sports figures. It contains 165 rooms and has been in operation for 20 years.
The hotel’s long-term plan is to provide real-time data from its linen closets regarding which items require reordering. Initially, however, it says it will benefit from data that TLG collects at its laundering facilities, to ensure the necessary clean linens are always available for returning guests.

It should be very beneficial for our housekeeping,

Ellis says. ”

Previous to all this, it was all very manual. We counted the sheets and counted the linens, so it was very unproductive and time-consuming.

Author: Tim Cole
Image Credit: The Lowry Hotel


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