Highly immersive augmented reality interactions for the industrial enterprise

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Highly immersive augmented reality interactions for the industrial enterprise

PTC announced its ThingWorx Studio Augmented Reality (AR) technology which will introduce improvements for attaching digital content to everyday objects and surfaces as well as support for Apple’s ARKit and Google’s ARCore. ThingWorx Studio is an AR authoring environment that enables industrial stakeholders to quickly create and share scalable augmented reality experiences without writing any code. Existing 3D geometries and animated sequences can be easily reused. This reduces the costs and complexity of content creation for compelling AR experiences. The model targets capability will enable the recognition and tracking of objects based on shape from pre-existing 3D models, and will not require a marker. This high-fidelity object recognition provides accurate positioning so 3D content can be aligned with precision for use cases where step-by-step instructions and product data are overlaid onto the physical product.

Thingworks PTC augmented reality

The markerless approach could be ideal for industrial use cases without a physical product such as virtual product design or review and product visualization for sales and marketing. PTC is offering industrial enterprises a preview of Vuforia 7’s ARKit capabilities with ThingWorx Studio and

ThingWorx View as a first step in making spatial and CAD based tracking available for all smart devices and operating systems.
PTC is committed to fueling the proliferation of augmented reality applications into the mainstream, and our support for ARKit, ARCore and other platforms demonstrates this commitment,

said Jim Heppelmann, president and CEO, PTC.

With an ecosystem of hundreds of thousands of AR developers, we believe PTC is uniquely positioned as a catalyst for the content needed to leverage ARKit and ARCore, especially for the industrial market.

In addition to ARKit and ARCore support, ThingWorx Studio and ThingWorx View will soon incorporate new capabilities that provide remote presence functionality and greater efficiency for a variety of mission-critical industrial use cases.

Author: Tim Cole

Image Credit: PTC


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