Nely: A social robot with empathy

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Nely: A social robot with empathy

Nely, Turkey’s first social robot, which was recently introduced a at Istanbul New Airport’s international terminal, is designed to help passengers by providing necessary information after they go through passport control.

The brainchild of Faik Berk Güler, the founder of Human Age Technology, he describes Nely as

mobile, smart, innovative and social – all qualities most companies look for in their customer service employees.

Nely has its own feelings and reactions, he claims, and is continuously in touch with different online services such as social media, email, traffic and weather forecasts. It will be employed in places like banks, airports, hotels, business centers and shopping malls, Güler says.
At 1.55 meters in height, Nely’s features can be customized by the brands that want to make use of its services. Nely also uses different technical features including facial recognition, greeting, voice instruction detection, emotion analysis, reporting, artificial intelligence (AI) and a bar code reader. Besides, it has a structure which is open to integration with different web services.

As new generation robots build effective social connections with people, they are likely to be accepted by humans in various fields,

Güler believes.

Social robots are the ones which have a social interface to react, display emotion and communicate. In brief, the reactions and emotions a social robot shows will be different when it faces two different people, depending on their sex, age, emotions and facial structure.

Güler said the social robot Nely will help passengers by providing them with necessary information. For instance, if the passengers cannot find their ways around the terminal, Nely will tell them how to get where they are going. Nely will also assist passengers with information about the gates, arrival points and weather forecast. It would be able to scan their mobile boarding pass or tickets, and even make hotel or vehicle bookings.

Nely will remember the people it meets and recognizes them the next time they come across. If passengers want, they can even make small talk with Nely,

Güler said.

Author: Tim Cole
Image Credit: Nely

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