GrowFlux and XtraLight Partner on IoT Controls for Horticultural Lighting

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GrowFlux and XtraLight Partner on IoT Controls for Horticultural Lighting

GrowFlux, Inc. is an AgTech company offering automation (by GrowFlux) and cloud technologies aimed at resource efficiency and yield expansion for the controlled environment agriculture industry, including greenhouses and indoor farms. Now the company has partnered with ABC Lights – an Icelandic horticultural lighting firm that was founded in 2019. They have been awarded development contracts by the Innovation Center Iceland, and received a $150,000 startup grant by the Icelandic Centre for Research Technology Development Fund. Together the two companies want to commercialize intelligent horticultural lighting systems for the Icelandic greenhouse market. GrowFlux Mesh wireless connectivity will be integrated into ABC Lights’ high performance luminaires to enable automated and software controlled smart greenhouse lighting. Horticultural lighting represents one of the highest operating costs in a greenhouse.

GrowFlux and XtraLight Partner on IoT Controls for Horticultural Lighting

Image: GroFlux

Intelligent control of horticultural lighting allows greenhouse growers to minimize the crop’s energy footprint and also enhance crop quality. The two companies plan to build intelligent lighting systems together, that will be optimized for Iceland’s unique climate and energy resources. Greenhouse agriculture in Iceland has received substantial investment in recent years. The island’s vast geothermal energy resource allows for year-round greenhouse cultivation to be far more competitive than in other regions, since heating energy represents a significant operating cost. GrowFlux’s intelligent controls will allow ABC Light’s lighting systems to minimize the amount of grid sourced energy necessary to grow crops. This will also reduce operating cost of these modern greenhouses. GrowFlux specializes in data driven cultivation techniques that provide faster time to harvest, a lower energy footprint, and increased yields, driving profitability for farmers and opening new opportunities to bring crops into greenhouses and indoor farms. The company offers an ecosystem of commercial scale wireless lighting controls, cloud services, and cloud connected agricultural sensors that work seamlessly together to rapidly scale the farms of the future.

Author: Rainer Claaßen
Image Credit: GrowFlux

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