Gemalto boosts highly efficient IoT-connectivity with secure NB-IoT platform

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Gemalto boosts highly efficient IoT-connectivity with secure NB-IoT platform

Digital security company Gemalto is expanding IoT-connectivity with the launch of the Cinterion Narrowband IoT wireless module platform. The solution builds on the success of Gemalto’s NB-IoT product in China, delivering power efficient 5G connectivity to APAC and Europe. A combination of several optional security features ensures trust in the comprehensive IoT ecosystem. The solution suits the growing mass of industrial solutions that require extreme efficiency, expanded coverage and long life such as utility meters and smart city solutions.

Leveraging Gemalto’s capability in securely managing billions of digital credentials, the Cinterion NB-IoT platform will offer an integrated eSIM in selected platform products. Gemalto eSIMs authenticate IoT devices, encrypt data and securely manage connections to cellular networks. Soldered to the IoT module, eSIMs reduce the size and cost of solutions while strengthening security and reliability. Pre-installed certificates simplify secure onboarding to cloud services by authenticating leading cloud platform providers.

The new Gemalto Cinterion ENS22 NB-IoT wireless module gives developers a NB IoT-connectivity solution designed to meet highest standards and requirements of the European and APAC regions. An advanced power management system boosts energy performance extending battery life for up to 10 years. The module fits stationary IoT applications that send data only at intermittent intervals. Gemalto’s evolution strategy enables migration within Cinterion product families while allowing a single device design for any technology standard or geographical area where it is used.

Author: Tim Cole
Image Credit: Gemalto

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