IoT Health: Free service informs people of asthma conditions in their area

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IoT Health: Free service informs people of asthma conditions in their area

Propeller Health released an application programming interface (API) to provide local asthma conditions to anyone in the US who is willing to share this insight with their audiences. The service named „Air“ is open and free to use. Propeller trained a machine-learning model on millions of days of anonymized data, showing where and when people experience asthma symptoms and the environmental conditions, to predict potential effects on people’s breathing. With the launch of Air, Propeller now enables other individuals and organizations to use its local asthma condition calculations to improve the health of people with chronic respiratory disease.

The Propeller team already built a series of free tools using the Air API at a hackathon at Camp Wandawega in Elkhorn, Wisconsin.

IoT Health: Propeller Health Astma

Each year, we return to Camp Wandawega to recommit ourselves to creating a company no one else can build,

said David Van Sickle, CEO, Propeller.

Our culture brings together people who are passionate about health, passionate about technology, and passionate about inventing the future, and puts us to work to solve problems for people with respiratory disease and for those who care for them.

The tools created during the hackathon demonstrate some of the potential applications of Air API. They range from an email or text subscription, to Alexa and Google Home integration, IFTTT Applets, or an embeddable Air Widget for other websites. Each application notifies people of asthma conditions in their area. Propeller hopes Air tools will inspire others to build applications from Air API so more people can become aware of local asthma conditions.

With the new infrastructure and services, people will be able to make use of Propeller’s analytics, which draw on the largest database of respiratory medication use, environmental exposures and conditions. We look forward to seeing how others build on this to change the experience of respiratory disease

said Greg Tracy, CTO, Propeller.

Propeller claims that this is just the beginning of Air – they plan to continue rolling out additional tools under Air in the coming months.

Author: Tim Cole
Image Credit: Propeller Health

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